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Running your own payroll can be time consuming, complicated and costly, with the pressure of now having to report your information online through Full Payment Submissions, monthly and yearly returns which requires software and infrastructure investment along with the challenges faced by staying on top of the frequent changes of taxation and employment legislation and the added challenges of the new pension regulations. For many small businesses this can be seen as a costly and time consuming burden.

Here at Limited Form our specialised team of payroll administrators and our up to date fully compliant systems allow us to provide our clients with a compliant and very professional payroll service taking away the back office pressure of running their own payroll in house and allowing them to focus on their clients knowing that their staff are paid compliantly, correctly and on time.

We can process payrolls for businesses of any size whether its 1 or 10,000 staff.

What we can provide:

  • Processing Payroll weekly or monthly.
  • Processing of holiday pay, sick pay, maternity/paternity pay
  • Pension Processing and Auto Enrolment
  • Expenses Processing
  • Hardcopy payslips printed and posted directly to your staff
  • Payslips emailed to your staff
  • Preparation of P45, P46 and P38 forms for new employees
  • Preparation of P45s for employees leaving your company
  • Preparation of employees P60s
  • Preparation and submissions of online Full Payment Submissions, monthly and annual statutory submissions

If we are also providing your book keeping services we will also make sure that your payroll information is recorded properly in your accounts. If we are not we will provide you with the correct reports for your book keeping records.

In addition we will ensure your business benefits from our knowledge of any government schemes or allowances helping you maximise your employer related costs.

If you would like to discuss this service in more detail please phone our Payroll Team on 0141 413 2770 or email us at

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